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Demigod Origin

Title: Demigod

Real Name: Maximilian "Max" Cairo

Alias: The Pantheon Paladin

Gender: Male

Height: 5'10" (as Demigod: 6'10")
Weight: 160 lbs. (as Demigod: 650 lbs.)
Eyes: Dark Blue (in both forms)
Hair: Golden Blonde

Occupation: Harvard Professor

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Base of Operations: Cambridge, Massachusetts; but often mobile


Maximilian "Max" Cairo was just a humble professor at Harvard University. His love for mythology and history, particularly those of the Greek, Norse, and Egyptian fields, earned him a spot as one of Harvard's most honorable and beloved professors; the other reason being that he has a heart of pure gold and is beloved by every student who takes his class(es).

One day, while he was doing research for his next lecture, something caught his eye. In one of his books, he noticed a symbol that combined a major symbol/icon from the three most ancient pantheons. It contained - in this order – The Triple Horn of Odin, The Ankh carried by Ra, and The Lighting Bolt of Zeus. After hours of searching, he found that two other books contained the exact same symbol and were depicted in a different form of mythology. Marveled by this, Max rushed of to the heads of Harvard and asked for permission to do further investigation. His superiors laughed at him, telling him that no such symbol ever existed and that he was merely seeing things. But after much arguing, pleading, persuading, and what some of his superiors to be a little threatening, Max finally got them to agree to funding and began quest to solve the mystery of the Symbol.

After months of dedicated traveling and researching, he found his next clue. In his travels, Max had come across three artifacts that each contained the mysterious symbol: a shield found in the Temple of Zeus, a tapestry located in a Sweden burial site, and a pharaoh's vase hidden in the Pyramid of Giza. Max believed that the location of these three artifacts was the key to the symbol's origin. Cross-referencing the three locations led him to a long forgotten temple hidden away on a small island in the middle of the Aegean Sea. Upon arriving, Max believed he was dreaming.

The temple was by far the most amazing thing he had ever seen. The architecture of the temple was a perfect unity of all three styles of the ancient cultures he loved so much. It had been decorated with Egyptian art, Greek weapons and armor, and vessel used by Viking warriors. As he moved deeper and deeper into the temple, he found something interesting. In the center of the temple, he found a room with three large throne-like areas; each one of course reserved for a certain culture.

Suddenly, there was a bright flash of light, during the middle of which Max had passed out. When he awoke sometime later, he found he was in the presence of the God kings: Ra, Odin, and Zeus. Max thought he had gone mad, but Zeus assured him that they themselves were real and that this was not a dream nor had he gone mad. The three kings praised Max and congratulated him for completing their long forgotten challenge. Still confused, Max began bombarding the trio with questions about the symbol and what it had to do with them and the three cultures and why they were here. Zeus told Max to breath and began to tell him the story.

Long ago, a war was fought between the Gods of Olympus, Asgard, and Egypt for dominance. Whichever pantheon one would become the main deities of worship for humans. The battle raged on for what seemed like a millennia. Olympians fought with sheer force and power, the Asgardians triumphed with strength and elemental forces, an the Egyptian gods countered with superior magic. Then, all of a sudden, the battle had stopped after strange cries had been heard.

Zeus explained that the cries had come from the mortal world, or "Earth" as mortals called it. It turned out that while the Gods had fought their war, all of Earth's evil had been free to create chaos and carnage. The Gods of the three pantheons, feeling responsible, immediately called a permanent truce and went to work restoring the balance of the world. Once things were right again, the Kings from each pantheon came together for discussion. The kings still felt horrible about the mess they caused when it was their job to keep the balance of the world in order. They decided that not only did they need a reminder of their new found unity, but also needed a way to repay the mortals for their suffering.

That's when Zeus spoke up. He explained that the best way to solve both problems was to make one of the mortals one of them. This mortal would be brave and courageous and a champion to the mortal realm, defending them for the evils that inhabited the world while serving as a symbol of the unity between the three Pantheons. This Mortal would become the Demigod!

The gods decided to create a symbol using an icon from each pantheon and use it as a way to choose the mortal who would receive the power. However, as time went one, humans went on with their lives and forgot all about the war and the challenge of the Gods. Until that day, that is.

Zeus explained the Max had a true hero's heart that allowed him to solve the challenge, and that it was time to claim his prize. Without warning, the three Gods shot him with a beam of light. When he opened his eyes, he had transformed into the Pantheon's Paladin. Bewildered at first, the gods showed him how to change back and he calmed down. With that, they wished Max the best and said they would be watching him, should he eve need help.

        Max returned to Harvard, still confused at what do next. He had been given the powers of a God, but wasn't sure if he really deserved them. Then Zeus appeared before him, begging for his help. He said that his Father, Cronus, had escaped the Tartarus and needed Demigod to help recapture him. Max was still unsure, but agreed when he saw the fear in Zeus' eyes. He transformed into Demigod and flew off to face Cronus. Although Cronus had the upper hand at first, Max refused to give up and fought like the mightiest warrior any god had ever seen. Using all of his powers, Max was able to defeat Cronus and send him packing.

        Since that day, Max has grown as one of Earth's mightiest and most loved heroes. His golden heart and honest smile earns him the trust of the people he protects. His level of power allows him to fight of the most dangerous of villains and problems; many of which, unfortunately, are caused by Gods from the Pantheons, such as Anubis or Loki.

Powers and Abilities:

Transformation: Max can transform into Demigod by saying this:
        By the power of the Kings
Through the strength of the sun,
Arise the Demigod
So the battle may be won.

Superhuman Strength and Invulnerability: Demigod possesses the combined strength of Thor and Hercules.

Super Speed and Flight: Demigod can fly faster than Hermes and fly higher than the Valkyries of Asgard.

Immortality (limited): As long as the power of Demigod lies within him, it will take Max a longer time to die than other humans. If he were to choose to permanently stay the Demigod, he would be immortal.

Thunderbolts: Like Zeus, Demigod can create and control thunderbolts, which can be used for various purposes ranging from projectiles to short-circuiting machinery. The Thunderbolts also act as his keys into Olympus.

Blizzards: Demigod can create blizzard storms that he can change in size and use to blow out fires, attack opponents or even create a snow day for his students. His blizzard powers, like his thunder powers, allow him access into Asgard.

Limited Egyptian Magic: Demi-god possesses knowledge of Ra and his fellow gods that allow him to se Egyptian magic. Though limited, his spells are often used in creative ways such as summoning swarms of locus/scarabs to eat through rubble, teleportation, shields, and energy blasts. Max also uses his magic to teleport to the real of the Egyptian Gods.

Max in perhaps the most humble man anyone will ever meet. He is thankful for everything he has and is grateful to be given such amazing powers. He is hardworking and tries to be a good example to his students as well as a friend to them; though he is stern when he needs to be. As Demigod, Max shows great courage and strength; rushing immediately rushing to those who are in danger and plans carefully when he is about to preforms a large rescue mission. This as earned him respect among most of the Gods of the three pantheons and the have even, at times, offered him the chance to join them as a true God. Max, of course, always declines. He is happy with his mortal life and prefers to stay close to humanity, as he believes it makes him stronger.


Because Demigod's powers are magic based, he main weakness is magic. His vulnerable to spells, curses, charms, and even magic-based weaponry that could either kill/injure him or revert him back to his mortal form. Demigod's ability to resist damage also has its limits.
Max is at most weakest in his human form. Though he is trained in boxing and his a smart thinker, he really doesn't stand a chance against monsters and villains more powerful than he is.

Interesting Fact:

Max's family tree goes all the way back to ancient Egypt. In fact, his last name is a reference to the capital f Egypt. Because of this, Max often wonders if this played a key part into his becoming of Demigod.

Personal Quote:

"By the Power of the Kings, with the strength of the sun, arise the Demigod so the battle may be won."
Origin for Demigod. I know i said i would do Kayn first, but i've been have trouble writing one for him. Besides, i was really excited while writing this.

Anyway, Feedback would be nice.

Maximilian "Max" Cairo aka Demigod belongs to me.
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UncannyX-Factor Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017
I love the idea of the gods working together and using a mortal. Dopeness.
mr-redx Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Student General Artist
Thanks! I really need to update this.
127thlegion Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love this guy already
mr-redx Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2012  Student General Artist
Thank you! Means a lot. What do u like about him best?
127thlegion Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He seems the most interesting!
mr-redx Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012  Student General Artist
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