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Exciting News!

Demigod by mr-redx  Demigod is now Bisexual!
Demigod Rival: Heracles
UPDATE 3/18/2018: New look, origin, and new role in the Demigod mythos.

Meet the God of Strength and the Lord of the Labors, Heracles.

"Before the dawn of man, there was nothing. From nothing came the first beings to rise to power in earth: Gods and Goddesses. All over the globe, the mythological gods created each their own interpretation of man, and through man's worship of them they were able to set in course the events that would lead to man's development into modern day. As time passed, different nations of man rose and fell, with them some of their mythological deities, until eventually man forgot about the gods of myth and began focusing on their own whims. Some Pantheons of the world did not like this and chose to remind the humans of their power from time to time. But under the force of the Heliopolians (Egyptian Gods), the Pantheons agreed to leave mankind be and live among themselves in paradise. One day, however, a man name Maximilian "Max" Cario, unknowingly set in motion a chain of events that would force the gods of Myth and all of Mythology to once again interfere with man's affairs. As Max lives out his service as "The Demigod", he soon becomes aquainted with the dozens of Pantheons and the Immortal Beings within them. These are one of them:"

The Greek Gods, aka the Olympians, are among one of the oldest and most referred pantheons in the world. While some have existed longer, such as the Heliopolians of the Egyptian Pantheon, the Olympians were famous for leading men of the Greek Empire into one of the most well known societies of Roman History. Some brought good fortune, others chaos, and for a few a little bit of both. The Olympians unfortunately had a reputation of being too proud, even to a point where some of them view man as mere playthings. When the Roman Empire formed, the Olympians sought to spread their influence to this new nation, but came into conflict with the Heliopolians. A war was fought that only ended when Pandora unleashed all of the evils onto the world. The two pantheons agreed to put aside their differences, punish Pandora, and leave the mortals be. Thousands of years later, Max Cairo unknowingly unleashed Pandora back on thew world, and the Olympians demanded punishment, a compromised being that Max would find and destroy Pandora with divine powers of his own, but in the end, Max - as Demigod - refused to end Pandora's life. The two Pantheon punished Macs by making them their slave and warrior to fight returning mythological threats. Most Olympians see Demigod as a tool for abuse or fun, while others see him as a noble warrior and have befriended him. Here is one of them:

Heracles is perhaps the most well known Greek God among the Olympians and the greatest of heroes of old. In more ways than one, a lot of the legends told about him are more or less true. Before Heracles was born, the Egyptian God Ra advises Zeus to end his life of affairs with other female deities and mortal woman, less humanity suffer more of Hera's wrath. And for his part Zeus agreed, but temptation was too great and Zeus has one last fling with a mortal known as Alcmene, who gave birth to Heracles, making the demigod the last and youngest of Zeus's children. Naturally, Hera had discovered Zeus' treachery, and developed a special hatred for the infant- despite the mortal woman naming the child after the Queen of Olympus - because Heracles was a reminder that Zeus broke his sacred vow to change and end his affairs, which had hurt her deeply. Thus, she vowed to destroy Heracles.

It was no easy feat, however, as it was soon discovered Heracles was born with divine strength far great than any god on Olympus. She tried many times to kill him in childhood, but Zeus had always been there to protect him because Heracles reminded the Skyfather so much of himself. He was brave, strong and good at heart, but unfortunately was also a pigheaded, showboat of a "man-whore" who enjoyed having numerous affairs with men and women. Heracles seemed to settle down a bit after meeting his beloved Megara, whom he had a family with. Hera saw an opportunity to doom Heracles as a mortal, and casted a spell on him to drive him mad and murder his own family in blind fury. While none of the other gods thought Heracles innocent, Zeus took pity on his favorite son and offered him a chance to redeem himself by preforming 12 great labors. Heracles completed each labor with honor and bravery, acquiring a love for battle and heroism. He even went on to preform even more great acts in his father's name. When he died from actions regarding one of his famous love affairs, Zeus used his magic to fully transform Heracles into an Olympian God, and Heracles rejoiced knowing that he would soon be reunited with his Father.

However, his excited was ruined when he found out that Zeus not only had many more children, but that all of them had been given divine greatness by Zeus in some misguided attempt to make things right. Heracles soon realized that his father was not the many he thought he was and that everything horrible that had happened to him in life had been because of Zeus' actions. Zeus, in an attempt to save the love of his favorite son, convinced Heracles to fight in the war between the Heliopolians for influence over the Roman Empire, boasting that Heracles would be the greatest warrior among his children. Heracles agreed and fought until the standstill unleashed by Pandora's actions. When it was all over, Heracles realized his purpose on life was to now prove himself the greatest of all of Zeus's children through continuous acts of heroism and battle.

Fast forward to present times, Maximillian Cairo has been turned in the warrior-slave known as "Demigod", while Heracles has spent his time on Mt. Olympus constantly battling the other gods and children of Zeus, to remind them of who is the best. One of the Olympians grew tired of his bullying, and decided to get Heracles in trouble by convincing him that Max Cairo was another child of Zeus destined to surpass him as a hero. Angered, Heracles traveled to Harvard where he challenged Max to combat, in the process leveling half the campus before Max managed to convince him of the truth. Despite this, Heracles felt Max did not deserve Divinity because he had yet to prove himself a hero to earn them, like Heracles had, and decided he would return to Earth time and time again to properly demonstrate what makes a mortal worth of being a hero and a god. In a twist of turns, however, Max keeps coming up the better man and showing Heracles that his old views of manhood no longer fit in modern society, and ends up teaching Heracles something instead. Heracles is soon learning a lot, and grows quite affectionate of Max in the process.

•God Physiology grants Heracles many gifts, such as:
    •God-Like Strength and Invulnerability that surpass any god on Olympus
    •Superhuman speed, agility, stamina, and endurance.
    •Healing Factor
•Great warrior with mastery in war, combat, and wrestling
•Proficient with weapons such as Divine WarClub as well as bow and arrows.
•Able to travel back and forth between mortal realm and Olympus.
•Proud and honorable warrior who lives for adventure and battle, but unfortunately is also boastful, arrogant, and out of touch with the modern world.
•Believes himself to be true hero, but is slowly learning otherwise.
•Proud member and supporter of the LGBTQ community, personally "handles" those who have a problem with said community.

Behold, the new Heracles! Lets get started shall we:

So for my new version of Heracles, I decided to go with something a little different. Most comic book publishers have included Heracles/Hercules in their universe in some way. But the big two of Marvel and DC already have him respectfully as a Heroic ally to Thor or a brutish enemy to Wonder Woman. Going one way or the other in my universe was out, so I decided on something else: Heracles is now a rival AND romantic interest to Demigod. YES, DEMIGOD IS BISEXUAL NOW. I realized he was the perfect character to be because more than a lot of gods of old times had relationships with both men and women, Heracles being one of them. So I thought why not make my hero fit the bill two.

But back to Heracles. I realized because Heracles in myth was both a somewhat good and somewhat bad person, he would be best as a rival to Demigod, just like Goldrush is a rival to Blitz. So for my new reboot of him, Heracles is every bit the warrior and hero we thought him to be, but unfortunately takes after his dad to much and has his flaws as such. Heracles has a huge chip on his shoulder as he wants to be seen as the greatest of Zeus's children, and is often times acting out to prove it. This is how he becomes a rival to Demigod: he thinks Demigod is unworthy of his god-like powers because he did not earn them like Heracles did. Ok, so he was born with his super strength, but he did earn his DIVINITY through his heroics, and that's what he aims to teach Max Cairo by showing him up. However, it soon becomes apparent that Heracles is not as good as a hero in modern times as he thought, and it is actually him who learns from Demigod what makes a true hero and person. Because of this, Heracles slowly developed a respect and fondness for the hero which eventually blossums into romantic feelings. Where that will lead to, I do not yet know.

For his design, I went with something different for my reinterpretation of the classic greek hero. Both Marvel and DC have always show Heracles with some kind of armor, but I noticed in all the artwork showing Heracles fighting that he doesn't actually have any armor aside from his nemean lion skin. So what I did was give him less than protective bracers and pants for the body, and went all out for his lion cape (the mask is actually what I am most proud of). I did give him one piece of armor though, which is the legendary girdle of the amazon Queen, Hippolyta. I had this idea for a story that in my universe, Heracles had to earn it in combat and found that Hippolyta was the only other person in the world who could match Heracles' strength, and as such that turned to respect, fondness, and romance. He keep and wears it as a memento to one of the greatest lovers he ever had.
Over all though, his look goes with his signature catchphrase: "ARMOR?! HERACLES NEEDS NO ARMOR!!"

Overall, I'm very happy with this version of Heracles. Next up, Hera, Athena, and Apollo.

Made using FH14
Heracles is © of me!
Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of an artist for fan art. This fan art has nothing to do with my universe of characters, but is Morley just a little treat for myself. The artist must be talented and reasonable fair priced with his commission rates. I would also prefer someone who is use to drawing superhero artwork.

comment below if anyone knows anyone that fits the bill.
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Alex Dawe
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I am an aspiring comic book writer and artist with a deep love for the genre and everything superhero! Almost everything I do revolves around my own universe I am building. I hope that one day my universe will become a company as big as DC or Marvel, both of which are my inspirations.

Ever since I was a boy, I have dreamed and daydreamed about the world of superheroes, even putting myself in my own universes when daydreaming. To me, Comic Books are the perfect combination of literature and art; telling a story and giving the reader a visual representation of that story. Comic Books, as I see them, can be used to spread messages, share opinions, entertain the youth, and give the next generations heroes to aspire too. And that is why I hope to be apart of that vision someday.

What separates me from other comic book creators is originality. I always aspire to do things that have yet to be done. I believe comics should always push the boundaries on originality and imagination while aspiring to the legacy and genre of heroes the world has already given us(Detective Heroes, Action Heroes, Space Adventures, Sorcerer Supremes, etc). Every character I have created is from my own ideas and imagination, and appeals to multiple audiences. My favorite heroes I have created so far are Empress and Toonman, but I love all of them equally.

I am always looking for comments, critiques, questions, and praises on my characters. I look to improve myself and create my own voice in my comics.

Current Residence: Guess
Favorite Writer: Geoff Johns
Favorite Artist: Bruce Timm and Stan Lee
Favourite genre of music: Any thing that i hear that i think is good
Favourite style of art: Comic Book
MP3 player of choice: I-pod
Favourite cartoon character: Red X; All Total Drama Characters; Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Batman and their respective Rogues Galleries, Karolina and Nico from The Runaways, and Zenescope Characters.
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Hi Alex!

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Hey Red I like your Toonman concept very much and too be honest I have a toon character as well
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Well, seeing how your inspiration for them was Miss Pedegry's Home for Peculiar Children, normal clothes might be the way to go. However, a good middle ground is something like a casual common uniform, like suits or a school/ sports team uniform ensemble.
VoltageStudios Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey red x, so I'm in the middle of redesigning hero costumes for my main characters for my story "Hyperians" when they are in their hero forms but I'm having trouble deciding the color scheme of the costumes. My question to you is should each hero have their own color scheme for their costumes like the previous designs? or since they are a team should they have matching color schemes for their costumes?
mr-redx Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student General Artist
I think it really depends on how close your team is, how close they all tie together, and how connected they are.

If they are brought together through the same single incident or goal like the Fantastic Four or the Challengers of the Unknown, then it might be best to go with matching color-scheme costumes.

If they are all brought together for greater good, but each character has their own personal story and goal outside the team like the Avengers, Justice League, or Teen Titans, going with a unique color scheme for each hero's costume would be the way to go.

A middle man would be to go the X-men route, in which the team shares a common goal/motive/mission, so their costume reflects what they do with similar concepts or color schemes, however each costume is uniquely designed to fit the individual members.

I hope this helps.
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