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Element Woman by mr-redx
Element Woman
I don't usually do this sort of thing unless I am in part of a trade or its a request, but I was doing some doodling on Hero MAchine and ended up doing DC Comic's newest character Element Woman!

Now, I have a TON of favorite classic heroes in the DC Universe: Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern(all of them), etc. But every now and then they unleash a new character that really sticks with me. In this case, it is Element Woman. Born in the wake of the comic book story arch Flashpoint, Element Woman was introduced as a socially-awkward, if left to question a bit-mad, superhero who just wanted to be a part of the crowd. Clearly, she was meant to be the Metamorpho of Flashpoint universe, but she really stood out. Quirky, friendly, and all around a team player, Element Woman was eager to join Cyborg's battle in the war between Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Though no team was formed, Element Woman continued to follow Cyborg and eventually played a crucial role in helping Flash to defeat Professor Zoom. Reintroduced in the New 52, she was among the heroes called to aid the Justice League in the War against Atlantis, and then is recruited into the Justice League after helping to solve a problem with one of the recruiting members. She helped the heroes in the Forever Evil story-arch, and then became an unwilling member of the New 52 Doom Patrol, where her whereabouts are now unknown.

Now, the reason I like Element Woman so much is for a multitude of reasons. For one, she is a well rounded character and very unique. While most superheroes are confident with their powers, Element Woman is more awkward with them, even shown to be a bit socially uncomfortable sometimes. You don't see that in a lot of superheroes these days, even in new mutant characters or inhuman characters in Marvel Comics. Secondly, she is relatable. Element Woman struggles to fit in and tries to be friendly to others despite her socially awkwardness. I myself struggle in social situations, and even though I have grown as a person, big crowds and new people sometimes bother me. Also, her powers are awesome! She can transmute and transform her body into any element and shapeshift to her will. She once made a car out of her ENITRE body! Normally you would have to be Plastic Man to do that.

Overall, Element Woman is now one of my new favorite characters, and I hope to see more of her in the future.

Made using Hero Machine.
Element Woman is (C) of DC Comics

Also, a side note, I based a bit of her design of of Femmes-Fatales 's design:
Captain Hollywood Villain: Captain Infamy by mr-redx
Captain Hollywood Villain: Captain Infamy
Been a long time since I uploaded something for Captain Hollywood, and I had a super fun idea for his world.

Meet the Reverse Fame-Monger, Captain Infamy!

Quick Bio: Gilbert Diamond is a fame-monger in all the wrong ways. Growing up in Hollywood, Gilbert was pushed by his greedy, fame-obsessed parents to become a star actor since childhood. Unfortunately, due to his mediocre acting and plain looks, Gilbert could only get character roles, playing villains and other bad roles. Still, Gilbert craved the spotlight, and began taking any role he could get. When Captain Hollywood made his debut, Gilbert became infuriated that a vigilante was getting so much attention. This envy and hatred grew when Gilbert was saved on set from an accident by Captain Hollywood. Then, Gilbert got the leading role he had been waiting for, and went on a local talk show to promote it. However, Gilbert was instead asked questions about his encounter with Captain Hollywood, which infuriated him so much he beat the host on stage to near death. With his reputation ruined and charges pressed, Gilbert was sent to prison Surprisingly, Gilbert saw that his incident had been the most talked about thing in media for a week. Gilbert realized something that day: fame was overrated. It was being the bad guy and doing infamous things that made you live on in history. On that day, Gilbert decided to give people what they wanted. He would become the biggest, worst villain in the history of the world. After spending some years in the slammer building his skills and learning about criminal ways, Gilbert used the rest of his money he had made as an actor and collected weapons, a vehicle, and a suit much like Captain Hollywood's but dyed in reverse colors to destroy his reputation. Calling himself Captain Infamy, Gilbert went on a crime spree, becoming infamous in Los Angeles. Finally stopped by Captain Hollywood, the two are now bitter enemies. Captain Infamy has become known for breaking just about every law there is.

-Train combatant, weapon expert, actor, and criminal.
-Master with Firearms
-Obsessed with Infamy, willing to sink low and dirty to become well-known in history.

So, Captain Infamy is kinda like my Bizarro or Reverse-Flash for Captain Hollywood, someone who stands for the opposite of what the good Captain does. He won't be a very reoccurring, but one of those villains who's appearance will be unforgettable.

Made using Hero Machine
Gilbert Diamond aka Captain Infamy is (C) of me!
Astroknight by mr-redx
THAT'S RIGHT!! A new hero for the Red-X Universe! And get ready because their are going to be plenty more where they come from!

I'm really excited about this one. May I proudly introduce the Interstellar Ranger, The Astroknight!!

Quick Bio: Rigel Mars was born and raised in space! Rigel was born in a space station built on the moon. His parents were part of a NASA Astronaut program to test the possibility of colonizing the Moon in regards to the growing population problem of Earth. One fateful day, however, escaping intergalactic bandits were on the run from intergalactic defenders known as the Astroknights, and decided to hide out in the space station. Rigel's parents launched him from a escape pod to keep him safe, and were unfortunately killed in the crossfire. Twondo, The Astroknight of our galaxy, discovered young Rigel, and feeling quilty for the deaths of his parents, took him to the Astroknight Corps Planet of Ocreon. The Astroknight leader and comsic being, Xundaro, told him that the baby should not have been brought here, that humans were not ready for the knowledge of the Astroknights. Twondo convinced him that while Astroknights were comsically chosen, they could raise young Rigel through the knowledge and experience of the Astroknights and be the first to earn the title of one. Xundaro agreed, and Rigel grew up under the care of the Astroknights, learning about many life forms and the history of the galaxy. Rigel was taught to uphold everything the Astroknights stood for, and on his 25 birthday Rigel was chosen to take over his proceeder's sector. Rigel became the first Astroknight of Earth, a intergalactic defender and explorer of the galaxy. Rigel earned the respect of his fellow Astroknights be finding his surroget-father's killer and brought him to Justice. Rigel nows serves the Astroknights on and off Earth as one of their own, keeping piece and harmony throughout the galaxy. Astroknight is a frequent ally to the United.

-Astrokinesis: able to channel, shape and manipulate cosmic energies to generate stellar winds, solar flares, cosmic storms and invoke meteor showers.
-Superhuman Strength, Near Lightspeed Flight, Teleportation
-Energy Absorption and Projection, Shield Generation.
-Cosmic Awareness
-Lunar, Gravity, and Nebula Manipulation

So, the Astroknights are set to be my Green Lantern or Nova Corps. With his design, I thought having real stars in his suit would look awesome, but tried to keep away from the Green Lantern/Nova Look. My only concern is the hair, I don't know if it works or not.

Made using Hero Machine
Rigel Mars aka Astroknight is (c) of me!

UPDATE: Change the hair, but not the color. Don't want to look like I am copying Marvel.



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Alex Dawe
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I am an aspiring comic book writer and artist with a deep love for the genre and everything superhero! Almost everything I do revolves around my own universe I am building. I hope that one day my universe will become a company as big as DC or Marvel, both of which are my inspirations.

Ever since I was a boy, I have dreamed and daydreamed about the world of superheroes, even putting myself in my own universes when daydreaming. To me, Comic Books are the perfect combination of literature and art; telling a story and giving the reader a visual representation of that story. Comic Books, as I see them, can be used to spread messages, share opinions, entertain the youth, and give the next generations heroes to aspire too. And that is why I hope to be apart of that vision someday.

What separates me from other comic book creators is originality. I always aspire to do things that have yet to be done. I believe comics should always push the boundaries on originality and imagination while aspiring to the legacy and genre of heroes the world has already given us(Detective Heroes, Action Heroes, Space Adventures, Sorcerer Supremes, etc). Every character I have created is from my own ideas and imagination, and appeals to multiple audiences. My favorite heroes I have created so far are Empress and Toonman, but I love all of them equally.

I am always looking for comments, critiques, questions, and praises on my characters. I look to improve myself and create my own voice in my comics.

Current Residence: Guess
Favorite Writer: Geoff Johns
Favorite Artist: Bruce Timm and Stan Lee
Favourite genre of music: Any thing that i hear that i think is good
Favourite style of art: Comic Book
MP3 player of choice: I-pod
Favourite cartoon character: Red X, Alejandro, Geoff and Izzy from Total Drama, Batman and every villain in his Rouges Gallery, Karolina and Nico from The Runaways, and Zenescope Characters.
Personal Quote: Awesome!

Which is a good team name for my team? 

16 deviants said "The United"
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3 deviants said "Terra Patrol"
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