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Gimmick Villain: The Shrink by mr-redx
Gimmick Villain: The Shrink
Once Again, if anyone has any ideas for Gimmick Weapons and Villains, Please let me know.

Meet the Size-Altering Psycho, The Shrink!

Quick Bio: Veronica Urbina was once a middle-class psychiatrist who was tired of dealing with other peoples' problem. Despite her knowledge of the human psyche, she longed for something more. One day, she was reviewing one of clinical depressed patients who worked for a private military firm. He told her that he had been working on a device that could shrink or enlarge whatever the beam hit it with. Realizing the man had invented a shrink ray, Veronica saw an opportunity and manipulated the scientist into giving her the shrink ray. Fashioning herself a costume, she became the Shrink and started committing robberies all over town. Naturally, Gimmick was drawn to her, but he lost to her many times due to her ability to get inside someone else's head. Eventually, the table turned and she was defeated. The Shrink has time and time again been an enemy to Gimmick.

-Shrink Ray allows user to enlarge or shrink anything it beams at.
-Professional Psychiatrist who can manipulate people and get inside their heads.

So, the gadgets are all not going to be guns, I can assure you that.

Made using Hero Machine
Veronica Urbina aka The Shrink is (c) of me!
Gimmick Villain: Lighting Lord by mr-redx
Gimmick Villain: Lighting Lord
Ok, I'm really excited about this one. I feel this one has real potential.

Meet the Electrical Guru, Lightning Lord

Quick Bio: Kumar Bijalī was an electrical worker who wanted in on hood life. Using what electrical engineering he could, he invented two handheld guns that allowed him to generate electricity and blast it as any shape or form. Taking the name Lightning Lord, Kumar quickly became one of the most dangerous villains in the underground, and enjoyed every minute of it. Thinking he was unstoppable, his arrogance proved to be his downfall when Gimmick defeated him and stole his weapons. Since then, Lighting Lord has vowed revenge by taking on Gimmick when ever he can. He also is looking to upgrade his weapons whenever he can get a chance, and often hires himself out as a mercenary.

-Professional thief and criminal
-Guns are able to generate electrical burst of lighting that he can shape and mold to his will.

If anyone has any idea for gimmick-themed villains and gadgets/weapons, Please let me know. No idea is too small or ridiculous.

Made using Hero Machine
Kumar Bijali aka Lightning Lord is (c) of me!
Gimmick Villain: Contraption Man by mr-redx
Gimmick Villain: Contraption Man
Meet the Wizard of Gadgets and Gizmo, Contraption Man.

Quick Bio: Vince Marko had a promising future as an engineer and an inventor. Top of his class in college, Vince was one day taken hostage by a supervillain with a special weapon he had invented. The two were cornered by the police, and the villain's weapon had began malfunctioning. Vince used smart thinking to make a deal: he would repair the man's weapon so he could escape if he promised to let him go. The two reached an agreement, and Vince fixed the gizmo. The thief got away, but it left Vince with something to think about. He realized their was a lot for potential in a world fulling up with supervillains. Vince went into the business of a repairman for Villain's weapons and gadgets. In exchange for his services of fixing and upgrading, he would get a large percentage of the villain's next job. He would also reverse-engineer the weapons to figure out how to make an exact duplicate for himself, should he ever need it. Vince became known to the underworld as the Contraption Man, and found himself at odds with Gimmick time and time again.

-Genius Inventor and Engineer
-Repairs and Upgrades Villain Weapons and Contraptions, keeps copy for himself
-Smart negotiator and businessman

So I know you guys were hoping for a gadget-based villain first, but I wanted to give Gimmick an equal for a villain. Someone who was the complete opposite of him.

MAde using Hero Machine
Vince Marko aka Contraption Man is (c) of me!
Gimmick by mr-redx
Another new hero. I'm really excited about this one.

Introducing the Human Tool Kit, Gimmick!

Quick Bio: Garfield Hoppe is the son of billionaire weapons manufacturer Anthony Hoppe. Anthony had high hopes that his son would take over for him one day, but Garfield developed a hatred for weapons from an early age. Garfield was contempt just becoming a inventor and engineer with his own company. His father's company was taken over by Raven Alvarez, who would eventually become Garfield's girlfriend. One day, Garfield developed a Freeze ray that was designed to be used by firefighters to put out intense fires, but the ray was stolen and used to commit crimes. Angered, Garfield disguised himself as a vigilante and got back his gadget. After that day, Garlfield came to a realization: there were many gadgets and inventions in the world with so much potential that were being used by criminals as weapons. Garfield decided enough was enough, and sold his company to Raven on a deal: He would invent the Superhero Identity of "Gimmick" and track down criminals who used gadgets and gizmos, defeat them, and steal their gadgets to improve them and reform them for good purposes. By day, he is Garfield Hoppe, genius inventor and engineer. But by night, he is Gimmick, enemy to all bad guys everywhere. He is a big target by people who's weapons he steals, and a valuable ally to the United.

-Brilliant Inventor and Engineer.
-Utilizes various gadgets and gizmos including a raygun with freeze and melting capabilities, antigravity boots, multiple trick grenades, and many more.
-Improves and reuses various villain gadgets including One Rings rings, S.W.A.R.M. technology and weaponry, Gunman Ghost's belt, Daedalus's Wings, and many more.

So, Gimmick is set to be my Gadget hero. His rogues gallery will consist of many enemies from my previous heroes, but I will try to give him his own as well. Most of his enemies will be like the Flash's Rogues, using technology and gimmicks to try and get ahead of the heroes.

MAde using Hero Machine
Garfield Hoppe aka Gimmick is (c) of me!
United Villain: Miss Medium by mr-redx
United Villain: Miss Medium
I swear after I get through all of these new villains I will be posting new heroes and villains to go along with those heroes.

Meet the Queen of the Graveyard, Miss Medium!

Quick Bio: For as long as she can remember, Mina Murdock has been able to communicate with spirits of the dead. Initially harmless, Mina was nonetheless sent to a mental institution when her family thought she was just talking to imaginary people. Mina made friends at the institute through the spirits of the people who had died there, and learned that the place was corrupt. To stop her from telling the authorities, the wardens forced her to undergo horrible treatments to try and rid her of her powers. Years later, Mina escape the institute and decided to hide out in a graveyard. There, she met the spirit of an evil highway men who convinced her that she was alone in the world and only the dead could be trusted. Taking the skull of the highwayman with her, Mina reimaged herself as Miss Medium, and began a campaign the rue through the dead. She channeled and manipulated spirits of the dead to torment the populous before being taken down by the United. She remains a powerful enemy to the team, but leaves the team baffled with the question: Is Miss Medium controlling the spirits, or are the spirits controlling her?

-Powerful Medium, able to channel, control, and manipulate the spirits, ghost, and phantoms of the dead.
-Powerful Ally in Highwayman Phantom
-Carries around skull to help channel power

Not much to say on the design other than I was going for a gothic, funeral theme.

Made Using Hero Machine
Mina Murdock aka Miss Medium is (c) of me!



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Alex Dawe
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United States
I am an aspiring comic book writer and artist with a deep love for the genre and everything superhero! Almost everything I do revolves around my own universe I am building. I hope that one day my universe will become a company as big as DC or Marvel, both of which are my inspirations.

Ever since I was a boy, I have dreamed and daydreamed about the world of superheroes, even putting myself in my own universes when daydreaming. To me, Comic Books are the perfect combination of literature and art; telling a story and giving the reader a visual representation of that story. Comic Books, as I see them, can be used to spread messages, share opinions, entertain the youth, and give the next generations heroes to aspire too. And that is why I hope to be apart of that vision someday.

What separates me from other comic book creators is originality. I always aspire to do things that have yet to be done. I believe comics should always push the boundaries on originality and imagination while aspiring to the legacy and genre of heroes the world has already given us(Detective Heroes, Action Heroes, Space Adventures, Sorcerer Supremes, etc). Every character I have created is from my own ideas and imagination, and appeals to multiple audiences. My favorite heroes I have created so far are Empress and Toonman, but I love all of them equally.

I am always looking for comments, critiques, questions, and praises on my characters. I look to improve myself and create my own voice in my comics.

Current Residence: Guess
Favorite Writer: Geoff Johns
Favorite Artist: Bruce Timm and Stan Lee
Favourite genre of music: Any thing that i hear that i think is good
Favourite style of art: Comic Book
MP3 player of choice: I-pod
Favourite cartoon character: Red X, Alejandro, Geoff and Izzy from Total Drama, Batman and every villain in his Rouges Gallery, Karolina and Nico from The Runaways, and Zenescope Characters.
Personal Quote: Awesome!

Which is a good team name for my team? 

16 deviants said "The United"
8 deviants said "The Dynamics"
4 deviants said "The Metahumans"
4 deviants said "The Myriad"
4 deviants said "Zeta Guard"
2 deviants said "Terra Patrol"
1 deviant said "Power Posse"



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