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Monster Mash

It was a quiet night in the small town located in Transylvania. The streetlights were dim like the light of a candle and the streets were clear, safe for a few homeless people and some stiffs hoping to get some quick cash. The night was so quiet that the squeak of a mouse could be heard from across the town and echo back. Few stores and shops were open, the only ones of course being a being an inn or two and a few pubs. One pup, however quite, was the source of fear and lurking tonight.

It was a small pub called “The Old Lantern”, big enough to accommodate a large amount of people but small enough to be considered a local spot and not a tourist attraction. It catered to locals who enjoyed a good drink with their buddies and offered local cuisine all cooked from traditional spices and farm-grown produce. The pub was lit with very little light. In fact, there were only two candles. The first light came from the counter where the owner made busy wiping down the tops. It allowed a pathway to be seen from the kitchen into the main floor and of to the exit.  The second candle, however, came from the farthest corner table from the serving area, and its weak glow made the sole customer and inhabitant of the pub look even more menacing than he usually did.

The man was-by every standard-large. He was over eight-feet in height and was well estimated to weigh 600 pounds. Because of his weight no chair in the small tavern would hold him and he had been forced to sit upon a large trunk found in the attic of the pub, stuffed to the capacity so that it would not be crushed under the large size of the man-well, man was not the right word. At least, not any more. The customer’s build equaled his size and stature: his huge muscle bulged under his black suit; custom-tailored to hide his rippling physic; although the large, black and Italian attired look like it was being tortured as it struggled to hold back layer upon layer of green, undead, muscles. Thankfully, it did hide the numerous scars across his torso and limbs, aside from his hands and head, which had two bolts sticking out of the neck. Inky, black hair was neatly combed and styled as it had always been and a gold watch was strapped to his right hand.

As the man sat, he slowly ate hot stew from the bowl below him. It was one of the pub’s specialties, and it was always eaten when he had meetings there. Spoonful after spoonful was carefully and slowly lead to the man’s large mouth and eaten with hardly a sound, aside from the occasional small slurp and clinking of wooden spoon against the bottom of the ceramic bowl. So deep in thought while he was eating was the man that he did not see the elderly owner approach him with as much caution as he could.

“E-e-excuse me, Mr. Stein,” the small owner, Mario, spoke, but it was barely above a whisper; the fear present in his voice even though he tried to maintain a sense of courage before the man. The owner, while paid to allow meetings to be held at his business, was still afraid of the ogre-like man in his facility. And he had every right to be. The man didn’t make so much as a sound, so the owner decided to continue. “I mean no dis-respect, but I was wondering if you will be needing anything else this evening. My employee is in the back with more stew or I could turn on the TV for you-”

“Just keep your eyes out for my guests, Mario,” the man spoke, his voice-while quite-was still filled with command and anger. His eyes never left the table.

“Over course, sir!” the owner spoke with hastiness. “I will tell Danny to be on the lookout, right away!” The man preformed an about-face and quickly left before realizing his error and quickly rushing back to the customer’s table. “Um, who should I tell him to lookout for? What do your guests look like?” The man ate two more spoonfuls before he spoke again.

“You’ll know them when you see them. They’re hard to miss, and they’ll let themselves in.”

Before the owner could blink, a large scream was heard from the back room. Following it was a series of growls and clanging of pots mixed with more screams. The owner turned just as he saw a body crash at the door and slump to the ground. The body acted as a door-weight for the door, which had a large splotch of blood in the center of it. Even though the owner could see the body hidden behind the counter, he knew his employee, Danny, had just been mauled.

“THAT,” the man spoke, still not looking up from his meal, “would be my first guest.”

The owner trembled as small footsteps were heard from behind the door just a few seconds before it was flung all the way open to reveal the murderer. It was a wolf, a Werewolf! It stood six feet tall and it’s lunar-purple fur shone in the dim candle light on the counter. It’s eye flash yellow with beastly instincts, while blood dripped from its razor sharp fangs, claws, and some even was splattered on its torn vest and pants.

“Good help is so hard to find these days,” the beast chuckled, making its way to the table, “especially if they won’t stop squirming! HAHA!” It licked the blood from its fangs and fur, before squatting on its hind legs on one of the chairs at the table of the large man.

“Frankenstein!” it shouted with gleeful sarcasm. “How’ve you been, you old mafia cadaver you?” After another slow bite of stew, Frankenstein spoke.

“…You are late, Hellwolf.”

“Hey, You try getting around town lookin’ like I do. It’s easy for you because you can kill the people who cross you because you’re the freakin’ godfather of Europe, or something.” Hellwolf turned to the owner, who was visibly shaking with fear. “Eh! Barkeep! Make yourself useful and go get me some meat from the fridge in the now slaughterhouse you call a kitchen! But don’t cook them, ya hear me?!” the barking-voice of the beast was enough to get the man sprinting for the kitchen, ignoring the dead body on the floor.

“Y-YES S-SIR! R-Right away!!” As he was about to enter the kitchen, Mario suddenly remembered his first customer and spun around to face him. “A-and would y-you like anything else, M-Mr. Stein?”

Frankenstein brought another spoonful of stew up before answering, “Just have a fish and chips ready for my next guest, Mario.” He swallowed, paused and spoke again. “And remember the side of slugs like I requested earlier.”

“Y-yes sir! There f-fresh as the day they were picked! I-I do hope you’re next guest will like t-them.” With a quick bow, the Mario dived into the kitchen.

Hellwolf shook his head and snickered. Since his transformation, he had enjoyed the growing pleasure of humans cowering beneath him, but it was nothing to the kind of heart-stopping fear Frankenstein could instill into others. Guess that came with being an undead kingpin of crime of Europe. Both Hellwolf’s thoughts and Frankenstein’s slow eating came to an abrupt halt when the heard the sound of creaking pipes and back-flowing water came from the woman’s restroom. Sloshing water was heard next, and while Werewolfman was incredible confused, Frankenstein knew from the sounds of wet footprints that his next and final guest had arrived.

The door opened to reveal an amphibious woman soaked from top to bottom. She wore a diving suit made up of black pants and a midnight blue top with sleeves that went all the way down to the woman’s three-fingered webbed hands and matching boots. Green fins could be seen sprouting from the back of her legs, her forearms, and shoulders, as well on her head where her ear would be if she had them. A special rebreather-system was hooked along her mouth and neck-hiding the gills she had developed there. Her face was as soaked as the rest of her was. Her large black eyes, mainly on of which could be seen as the other one was covered by her wet, black hair clinging to her face, reflected the dim lights of the room.

“Sorry I’m late,” she said in a voice that was both alluring and hinted with venomous danger, “but I wanted to make sure I came out of the right restroom. The pipes in this city are so confusing.”

“LUNA LAGOONA?!” Hellwolf shouted in disbelief as the webbed-fingered thief made her way to the table. He turned back to Frankenstein, who still showed no signs of emotion, (aside from his usual scowl). “What the hell, Stein?! I thought you said you wanted to meet in private?!”

“I am also curious as to why you brought us both here,” Luna said calmly, though she was still curious and a little pissed she wasn’t informed on who would be in on this meeting. “It must have been important. You off all people know this is the time of the year when I’m the most busiest.”

“U-um…” a small voice grabbed everyone’s attention. Mario had returned. Shaking in his loafers, in one hand he had a large serving tray of raw meat off all kinds and in the other was an order of fish, chips, and slugs. “A-am… Am I interrupting?”

“No, Mario,” Frankenstein said, placing his wooden spoon back in his bowl, the contents of it completely eaten. “I believe my guests are hungry. Please serve them their orders, and then lock the exits. You’re services will no longer be needed until otherwise.”

Mario nodded his head and complied. With as much hastiness and caution he could balance, Mario handed Hellwolf and Luna their food, making sure not to spill in fear of what would befall him if he did. Once that was done, he grabbed Frankenstein bowl, bowed, and made his way to the kitchen to hide.

“Now that we’re all here,” he said as Hellwolf tore ate his meat while Luna quietly nibbled on her fish and slugs, “let’s get down to business.” He propped his arms on the table in a business-like manner and began. ‘As you both know, we share a common enemy, an enemy who is undead in nature and is supposedly the son of the lord of all vampires. And whether it be Hellwolf’s carnage crime-wave, Luna’s string of robberies, or my… business dealings, he seeks to put an end to us as we pose a “threat” to the innocent lives of the world.’

“Kayn?” Hellwolf questioned, ripping apart a slab of prime rib, “That jackass has always spoiled my fun. And he sure as hell has funny way of doing the whole “vigilante” thing with the way he fights.”

“Is that what this is about, Stein?” Luna chimed in, slurping down a slug. “I must admit, he would be the last thing I thought we would talk about, but he IS a nuisance. Why, just last week he foiled my diamond heist and chased me for hours even after he had gotten the gems back. He doesn’t know when to quit.”

“Agreed,” said Stein. “His role as a good-doer has damaged my criminal empire deeply. He has struck all of us and shows know signs of giving up; even when each of us alone gives him our worst. Which is why I purpose…” Stein paused to make sure he had their attention, so he could make his point clear. “…The three of us work together to destroy our common enemy.”

Both criminals looked at him like he had sprouted six heads. Hellwolf’s cheeks were stuffed to capacity with meat and Luna’s jaw hung open inches away from a bite of fish. All the while the two both stared at their host, the last statement still echoing in their heads.

“You joking.” Gulped Hellwolf.

“I never joke,” Stein stated.

“The three of us? In a supervillain team up?” Luna spoke disbelieving. “Isn’t that a bit cliché?”

“Perhaps, Luna,” Stein turned to the amphibious woman. “But I see no alternative for the time being. Kayn has forced himself into our personal affairs, and as a result it has always turned out negatively. Dominic here,” he said gesturing to Hellwolf, “is living proof of it.”

“If you’re referring to the night he and I first met, it seems you’re the one who’s been forcing himself into someone’s personal business, Frankenstein.”

“I’ve actually been curious about that,” Luna stated. “You were one of the first crooks Kayn-ahem-“arrested,” right?”

“More than that,” Hellwolf bellowed, “He’s the reason I’m wearin’ a permanent fur coat. Stay seated, ya water wench. Here’s how it all went down…”


It was a standard job. Dominic Paws had been hired to rob the Transylvania Museum of their latest exhibit: a tribute to ancient tribes who once wondered through vast forests. It was a lot of artwork and artifacts, much of which would sell for a pretty penny on the black market. He had already disabled the security system, so with a smirk fit for a wolf, he pulled down his ski mask and made his way in through the back door.

The exhibit had yet to be set up, so everything was still in their crates which made it all the more easy to load everything into the stolen truck outside. For five minutes he spent loading heavy crates into the truck, going fast so he could get out before the cops could show. All the while he had been pondering his life. Dominic always wanted to be big, and this job was just another stepping stone onto a successful life of crime. At least, that’s how he saw it. In reality, however, he was just another thief with a luck streak. He was good at what he did, but in his own little world he actually thought he would get somewhere. The truth was Dominic was just a common crook. He lacked the one thing every great criminal mastermind had: an edge. Something like massive intelligence or a menacing stature to put him in favorable odds on the wrong side of the law. He had no edge, and thus he was doomed to be a common thief.

As he was loading his third-to-last crate, his footing slipped and the crate dropped from his sack-barrow onto the ground. It cracked open and something flew out that caught his eye.

It was a necklace, looking to be made from the teeth of some animal, but none like he had ever seen. Feeling drawn to it, he picked it up and fondled it in his fingers before placing it around his neck and tucking it under his shirt.

“I’m sure my employer would not mind me holding on to one souvenir. Heh Heh,” he chuckled. He collected all the artifacts back into the crate and was about to load it up when a loud THUD was heard from atop his truck. He quickly looked up, and in the shadows of the night he could make out a slim, muscular figure whose crimson eyes beamed in the darkness.

“These artifacts are not yours, thief,” it spoke in a voice that sent chills down Dominic’s spine. “Those who steal in my domain shall feel my wrath!” The figure leaped down and slammed his feet into Dominic’s chest, springing off with tremendous force. It hurt like hell, but Dominic was no stranger to a fight. He got up, despite his massive chest pain, looking around for the son-of-a-bitch who was stupid enough to attack him when suddenly he was struck to the side of the face with a bad haymaker and was sent spinning. Blow after blow followed, coming from all directions, hitting Dominic in every place possible: the knees, the back, and both sides of his jaw. There seemed to be no end until a massive kick to the chest sent him hurling back, breaking a huge wooden crate on impact. For his own good, Dominic stayed down in hopes of giving his attacker a false sense of security, but really he was just in massive pain. The attacker stood in the shadows; a dark silhouette could be made out from what little light was in the room.

Dominic had enough. Using all the strength he could muster, he sprang up and made for the sack-borrow he had used to move the crates. He grabbed it and swung around before he sent it flying towards his enemy. It was an epic fail. The attacker caught it and ripped it in half. He sent the pieces flying into the air, one of them hit the lighting causing sparks to fly and setting fire to the pile of wood that used to be the museum crate. Dominic was done, he had to get out of there. Just as he turned his attacker was in front of him. He grabbed Dominic by the collar of his shirt, lifted him above his head, and threw him over the fire. Dominic was out of options, until he saw an exit.

A piece of the torn sack-barrow had landed in the fire, and it was now white hot. Jumbling to his feet, Dominic grabbed the hot metal by the cooler end and swung it furiously.

“COME ON!” he screamed. “IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?! IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?!” His attacker drew nearer. Boy, is he gonna get it. Dominic raised the hot metal swung it like a mighty hammer, but his assailant caught him by the wrist. The light of the metal was enough to give Dominic a good look at his enemy. It was like out of a nightmare. His face was bleach-white like a ghost. His ears were pointed and white fangs poked out from his lips. Deep crimson read eyes shined out of the white face, and their look said, “I am going to fucking kill you.” All this combined with an intense scowl made Dominic want to run and hide under the covers. “Wha-what are you?!” the creature kicked him to the ground and swung the metal around, heated side pointed at Dominic.

“I am Kayn,” the monster said. “Son of Dracula.” And with that, he plunged the metal down to Dominic’s chest. The heat was too intense. It burned straight through his jacket and into his flesh. Dominic screamed in pain, trying to escape from this torturing terror. With a last-ditched effort he swung at the side of Kayn’s face, knocking him out to the side. Dominic, despite the great pain he was in, managed to scramble to his feet and out the door.

“SCREW THIS!” he shouted. “I thought monsters in Transylvania were a myth!” He ran and ran as fast as his legs could carry him, eventually trading buildings and sidewalks for trees and woodland grass. It wasn’t until he had reached a clearing that he finally stopped, gasping for air and trying not to collapse from the pain. When he finally managed to catch his breath, he open his coat to inspect the damage. Not only had the metal left serious third-degree burns, but it had hit the necklace he had pocketed causing it to sear right into the flesh of his chest.

“Great”, he moaned, “I lose a job, get beat up by a freakin’ monster ninja, and now I’m gonna need special surgery to get THIS removed. What else could go wrong?!” Suddenly, Dominic found himself staring at the moon. It was full and very bright. He had never taken the time to look at it, but now he found it completely mesmerizing. Then, he felt a huge pain in his chest. He looked down and saw that his wound was healing in seconds, but then pain did not stop. It spread through out his entire body as bone began reshaping and transforming. His stature grew larger and hair began to sprout everywhere. His muscle grew to twice their size and before long his clothes had been ripped to shreds from the muscles and the large amount of lunar-purple fur that grew from every inch of skin. His face twisted into a muzzle and his ears grew more wolf-like, moving to the top of his head. His eyes changed from a deep green to an intense yellow and long, sharp claws sprouted from his fingers and toes. Gone was Dominic Paws the thief, and in his place stood a mighty, blood-thirsty werewolf!



“Wait, let me see if I got this straight,” Luna snicker. “You mean to tell me you were the first of us to encounter the Vampire Prince and he STILL kicked your ass?! HAHAHA! That’s priceless!”

“Really?” Hellwolf snarled. “I get turned into a freakin’ werewolf because of that dick and THAT’S what you get from the story?!”

“Calm yourself, Mr. Paws,” said Frankenstein. “Even I must admit the tale is amusing, but it proves my point nonetheless. Even before acquiring our powers, Kayn still was a menace to us all and he needs to be taken down; by ALL of us.”

“You men and your whining about powers,” Luna groaned, biting into the last of her fishy meal. “You forget I was born with my powers and I still managed to do fine against son of the vampire king.”

“And as I heard,” Hellwolf barked, “I heard he strung you up like the fish you are!” Luna was about to retaliate, but Frankenstien stopped her.

“Perhaps it would be better to hear it from Ms. Lagoona herself. That is, if the young lady would not mind.”

“Not at all boys.” Luna took a deep breath and calmed herself, collecting her thoughts. “Okay, so my encounter with Kayn began like any other of my heists…”


The pipe in the city were disgusting, but necessary for Luna Lagoona to break into the jewelry store without being noticed. There was something to be said about being born with a rare skin disease that granted semi-aquatic/amphibious abilities; one of which was the ability to travel through narrow pipes and breath underwater. The downside, it was still a skin disease, and it made her an outsider. Luna had been forced to live in the swamps of Transylvania all here life out of fear of being a target of ridicule and abuse for her appearance. it had been that way for years, and tonight was start beginning of the end.

A few weeks ago, Luna had learned about some new breakthroughs in skin disease research, but it cost money. Luckily, years of thieving allowed her to provide for herself and she had gained quite a skill set in the art. This made the way to her dream even easier. All she had to do was rob this place of everything and she was home free. Once she was free of the pipes, she climbed out of the toilet(the part she hated the most) and made her way to the main floor of the store. The lights were off, safe for the security lasers guarding all of the jewels. It was a synch to disarm them. The controls were always under the cash register. Once they were off, Luna went to work. Busting glass casing left and right, she stuffed jewels, rings, earrings, and other accessories made from gems and minerals into the bag she brought along. She was halfway done when all of a sudden a huge shadow could be seen through the window. A figure crashed through the glass and into Luna, sending them both through the wall and back into the restroom.

Luna shook her head in attempt to regain her senses, but when she looked up she thought she was still dizzy. The figure was tall and above average muscularity. His red and black coat was left open to show of the well-toned muscle of his chest. Black leather pants stuck to his legs like a second skin with red boots protecting the feet. Chains were rapped around the arms of the coat and the waist while his hands reveal claws as sharp as knives. The figure had bright red eyes, pearl-white fangs, and spiky black hair. On his bare chest was a tattoo painfully craved into the shape of a red bat. Lagoona realized who this creature was.

“So the rumors were true,” the creature spoke. “A creature from the lagoons of Transylvania. And she is… a thief?”

“You’re one to talk about talk about true rumors,” Luna countered. “Kayn, is it? The legendary Son of Dracula?”

“Correct, femme fatal. Now, I will give you one chance to surrender. Hand over the stole items or I promise I will not hold back.”

“…Alright, you win. Just, help me up first?” Luna extended out a hand. Kayn looked at her like she was joking, but after a few seconds he complied. He firmly grasped her left hand and tugged her up, but Luna had other plans. Concentrating, her right hand started glowing a dark purplish color. Kayn noticed but it was too late as she slammed her hand straight at his chest. The webbed fingers began secreting purplish venom that spread throughout the vampire’s torso. Kayn grunted in pain and collapsed to his knees, hands over his chest.

“You know the biggest upside to being a mutated fish monster?” Luna asked rhetorically, her glowing hand held up with pride, “It’s having the ability to kill enemies with but a single toxic touch. Oh! Don’t worry though; I only gave you enough to paralyze you. Still, its more than enough to allow me to make a quick exit.” With the jewels in hand, Luna Lagoona dove back into the pipes. It took minutes of crawling and contorting, but she finally made it to the sewer pipes. Fast as she could, she swam through the underground waters of Transylvania, zigzagging at every turn she came across. About half and hour later, she cam to an open and splashed into open water.

Upon resurfacing, Luna smiled as she had reached her home. Like all cities, underground water ways always lead out into swamps. It was her home. The terrain was so murky, mud, and overall creepy that no one anywhere would come near it; especially with the rumors of a “fish person” lurking in it. It was the only place Luna could survive in. But with just a few more of these, she thought, holding up the bag, I will no longer have to live in the swamp. I could go anywhere. Luna started making her way toward to shore when suddenly she was tackled into the water. After regaining her sense, she resurfaced and was shocked. In the water with her was the vampire, Kayn; only now he was soaked from the muck of the swamp.

“B-But… HOW?!” Luna screamed. “I gave you enough poison to bedridden you for hours! How-?”

“I am the offspring of two vampires,” Kayn cut her off, preparing himself for battle. “Which grants me the ability to heal within minutes, including from a toxic assault.”

“But, how did you find me so quickly?!”

“I figured an amphibious-fish woman would need an aquatic terrain to survive in. Some place where a thief could also hide from the authorities. It was obvious the only true location would be the swamps.” Luna had enough of this. She waned to be normal, and no one was going to stand in her way, especially not some Twilight reject. Luna dove under water and began circling Kayn, who was preparing for the oncoming attack. Luna swam behind him and shot her claws out of her webbed digits. Swiftly, she resurfaced and trapped Kayn in a crushing bear hug while her claws dug into the flesh of his chest. Kayn howled in pain as venom secreted from Luna’s hands once again secreted the toxic venom, only this time there appeared to be no end to it.

“Last time,” Luna hissed, “I only gave you a small dose of my deadly touch. This time, however, I won’t stop till my venom has replaced every last drop of blood in your body and KILLED YOU!!!” Luna could feel Kayn’s body start to give out, slowly and ever so deliciously. However, the slump soon ended and it seemed as if Kayn was getting stronger. Kayn’s body began morphing and changing, growing until his newfound strength threw Luna out of her trap and against a log in the water Shaking her head, she looked over and was stricken with fear. The humanoid-vampire Kayn was gone, and he transformed into a huge, monstrous red bat with black wings. The creature screeched as it’s eyes targeted Luna. It flapped it’s wings a couple of times, enough to fly out of the water and towards the amphibious thief. Luna tried to turn and swim for her life but she was too late. The monster bat grabbed her by the claws of its feet and began soaring into the air. Higher and higher they went until they were a good seven stories above the water. With one rotation, the beast back-flipped and threw Lagoona back down towards the water at full strength. Luna screamed as the image of the water grew closer and closer with each passing second until-SMACK! Luna hit the water with terrible force. Pain began spreading throughout her body from the impact. She would have sunk too, if it were not for her amphibious body. She floated back to the top, face-side up, the world growing more and more blurry. She saw beast-bat Kayn fly onto a large swamp tree above her, transforming back and crouching on the large branch. The last thing she saw before she blacked out was the merciless scowl on Kayn’s face.


“Not only was I put in the hospital by that crazy vampire,” Luna retorted, “But his interference caused the public to become aware of me! Now I have to police constantly searching for me every time I break out of jail. I have no home now!”

“This is why he must be eradicated,” Frankenstein remarked. “The Son of Dracula will only become more of annoyance and a growing threat to our lives the longer her remains alive.”

“Or as alive as an undead freak of nature like him can get,” countered Hellwolf, licking his paws of the remains of his meal. “You know Stein, I’m still curious as to why you called us here. You always seemed like the kind of guy who preferred to handle his problems on his own.”

“As much as it kills me to say this,” said Luna, “I’m afraid I must agree with Hellwolf. The very fact that you would even suggest a team up is completely out of your character. Why us, why now?”

“…I have my reasons, Ms. Lagoona.” IT was clear Frankenstein did not want to speak of his reasons, but Hellwolf would not let him be.

“Come on, you undead godfather!” he howled. “We told our stories, now it’s your turn. What has Kayn done that makes him seems like such a threat to you all of a sudden.”

“Yes, Stein,” Luna giggled. “Do share with us. It’s only fair.” Frankenstein sighed on defeat. He knew if he were to get what he wanted from these two, he would have to comply. Threats and temper were not the way to go about this deal.

“…very well.” He said. “You wish to know my reasons? I will tell you…”


“DOCTOR!!” Doctor Nicolae jumped upon hearing his name roared from outside his lab. The short, portly scientist knew that his employer was furious, as he usually was, but this time he could tell that he was really soar. Without even waiting his employer punched down the door to his lab and stormed in. The man he stood as he always did, eight-feet tall and large in size, but his anger made him even more threatening. He ripped his coat off and began undoing the buttons to his shirt furiously.

“Prepare the table, I want the recharge quick and powerful so I can get back to work!!” He bellowed.

“YES, MR. FRANKENSTEIN! RIGHT AWAY!” the doctor screamed in fear. He began setting the machine in his lab for immediate recharging. While he was still scarred out of his mind, he was always overjoyed to put his research to work. For years Doctor Nicolae had posted about his breakthrough in keeping human life preserved. The idea was simple: a little reworking inside the body and finally a series of electrical impulses to keep it going. The result was a living cadaver capable of ever lasting life, along with enhanced strength and the ability to feel little to no pain at all. Sadly, he had been regarded as a “mad scientist” and casted out of the scientific community. That is, until the man before him on the metal table came to him.

“Doctor, when you said you could grant me the ability to die, I never would have imagined the annoyances or even the possibility of another eternal!” Stein shouted, still furious as the doctor strapped him down.

“Yes, Mr. Stein. I agree I should have calculated for that, but you’ll end him soon. Just like all your enemies.” The doctor had no idea what he was saying as he applied the jumpers to his master’s neck bolts, but he knew better tan to go against anything the man who gave him a chance said. Years ago, the Kingpin of Europe had asked the doctor to tell him about his research. The reason was for his interests was “purely business” as he had put it. Franklin N. Stein had been in the crime game for years and he had seen kingpins rise and fall from the deaths of others. He knew the secret to maintaining power was to not die, but it wasn’t possible until he found out about Doctor Nicolae’s work. Needless to say, after some heavy payment, a couple of surgical scarring and reanimation, the kingpin of Europe had become a true monster incapable of loosing his empire to another.

“Remember what I said, doctor,” Stein bellowed. “Quick and powerful. I have an enemy to crush.”

“Of course sir It shall only be a few minutes more.” Since that day, Nicolae had become Frankenstein’s personal physician; repairing him and keeping him alive to date. While it was true he was immune to pain and unkillable(in theory), he still needed huge amounts of electricity every once in awhile to keep his brain functioning. The body was composed of electrical impulses after all. Unfortunately, he had not realized how MUCH work would be needed off home until HE showed up.
“You won’t be needing a recharge, Frankenstien! Because I’m ending you once and for all” Both the doctor and the mob boss looked up from where the voice echoed. A small bat hanging from the rafter of the lab transformed into a man. Well, more precisely a vampire; one who was the reason for Frankenstein’s constant bad moods.

“YOU!” Frankenstein roared. “Bad enough that you’ve ruin a month’s worth of work for me, but you invade my home?! MY DOMAIN?!”

“Your dealings would have harmed millions of innocents from the drugs you were transporting,” Kayn remarked, swinging from the rafter onto the wall, clinging there. “I’ve had enough of you, Frankenstein. You’re heart is truly as cold as your undead body. I will end your empire tonight, starting with you!”

“You want harm me, vampire?!” Frankenstein shouted, ripping his arms from the straps. “I WILL RIP IN HALF!”

Frankenstein jumped from the table, soaring through the air and clinching his hands into fists. He brought them down on the wall, but Kayn had moved, levitating in the air. Angered, Stein ripped his hands from the stone wall and jumped at Kayn again. Only this time, the son of Dracula wasn’t so lucky. He moved, but was too slow as Stein grabbed him by his ankles and threw him down, slamming him on the metal table with a loud bang. Still not done, He swung the body left and right, slamming him on the ground, tables, and lab equipment. He threw Kayn into the stone wall, complete oblivious to the fact that his actions were causing the generators of Nicolae’s machine to overcharge and send off sparks of electricity everywhere.

Kayn was weakening, he could feel it and Stein could see it. It was stupid of Kayn to think he could beat Frankenstein in his own home after all the damge he had done that day; they both knew this. But this fact did not ease Stein’s temper. He started pumbling Kayn with hard punches, one right after another. If it weren’t for his vampire anatomy, he would be dead by now. Kayn had one chance, so he took it. With all the strength he could manage, he grabbed Frankenstein by he next on coming arm. The both struggled, Kayn to maintain his grasp and Stein to remove his arm. With some quick footwork, Kayn gained the upperhand and began to swing Frankenstein like a ball and chain. After a few spins, Kayn threw Frankenstien with all his strength right into the generators. Upon impact his body was bombarded with jolt after jolt of electricity. Frankenstein screamed as h felt pain like he never felt before. It wasn’t right, he was beyond pain now and yet the surge of electricity was enough to cause it again. Eventually, the generators gave out and exploded, the resulting shockwave sent bodies flying and windows smashed to bits.

When the smoke cleared, Doctor Nicolae was unconscious, Kayn was struggling to stand up, and Frankenstien-while still conscious-was buried underneath a pile of rubble. Kayn transformed into a small bat and quickly made his way out the window. Frankenstein watched, his temper slowly returning.

“Doctor,” he mumbled. He saw the doctor stir, but did not awake. “DOCTOR!!”

“HUH-WHA?!” That got him. Slowly, Nicolae rose, holding his hand to his head to stop the throbbing pain. He saw his employer and immedialty forgot about his injuries. “OH! SIR! Are you ok.”

“Doctor,” Frankenstien said, his growing anger hidden under his controlled calculating. “I want you to tell the boys to make a few calls.” Enough is enough, he thought. “I need to set up a meeting…”


Frankenstein rose from his seat, motioning Mario to grab his coat and hat, which he swiftly did.

“Soooooo… wait,” Hellwolf said. “You called a meeting because can ruin a business operation?”

“And because he kicked your ass?” Luna asked disbelieving.

“No,” Frankenstein said, putting on his coat that was just handed to him, “I called a meeting because Kayn attacked me in my own home. He is no longer hiding in the shadows. He made it very clear he is not just some monster vigilante. Kayn is not like any other of his kind. He wishes to protect innocent lives, lives that we put in harms way because of our operations. And because of this, he is willing to do whatever it takes to put us behind bars.” After putting on his hat, he could see that his guests were still unclear of his motives. Made his way to the door, stopping just a foot away from it.
“I know that you two are still uncertain of my proposal, so consider this,” he said turning back to face them. “Kayn did not just ruin a deal for me, he came after me. In my own home. If he was brave and merciless enough to come after me, how long before you two follow under the same circumstances.” Luna and Hellwolf looked at each other, eyes wide with realization. What he had just said made sense, and it filled them concern,

“You both have my number,” Frankenstein said, exiting the pup, “I will expect your answer within the next day.
Monster Mash
It may be a little late, but I wanted to give you guys a Halloween present. This is a story I wrote about 2 years ago for a Noir fiction writing class feature my OC Kayn and three of his villains. I figured it would appropriate for Halloween.

Story Plot: the notorious mobster kingpin, Frankenstein, has called a mysterious meeting with two of Kayn's most dangerous enemies Hellwolf and Luna Lagoona. But why has he called this meeting? And what is the story behind these three fearsome enemies of the Son of Dracula? Witness the untold tales of the first encounters between Kayn and these three Rogues.

Story written by me!
Kayn, Frankenstein, Hellwolf, and Luna Lagoona are all (c) of me!
Psykinetic Villain: Replica by mr-redx
Psykinetic Villain: Replica
With Psy coming back means all new villains! I've been excited about this one for a very long time.

Meet the Shapeshifter Supreme: Replica!

Quick Bio: Replica takes identity theft to a whole new level! Born Rebecca Rogers, Rebecca grew up obsessed with the idea of walking a mile in another person's shows. She was constantly bombarded with thoughts and a need of knowing what it would be like to be someone else, be it her parents, her next door neighbor, even the dog from down the block. A gifted thespian, Rebecca pursued acting as a way to fulfill her need and became an award winning actress, but it was never enough. One Day, Rebecca saw a report about the Military conducting human experiments to combat the growing metahuman problem with the goals being giving someone the power to shape-shift into someone else. Rebecca jumped at the opportunity to volunteer in hopes of finally fulfilling her obsession. The experiments worked, with a unexpected side effect: Rebecca could not only shape-shift, but she had the ability to absorb the thoughts, memories, and abilities from someone she touched, even superhumans. Rebecca went on the run and used her abilities for evil, kidnapping people and taking over their lives. Making her way to Indigo Valley, Rebecca hoped to know what it was like to be her next target: Psykinetic. Psykinetic defeated her when he saw she had a weakness: if Rebecca absorbs too many memories and abilities, she goes into what is known as a "mental breakdown", all of her own memories and thoughts she stole colliding with her powers turning on her causing her mental and physical pain until she collapses, having no memory of who she is or the memories she stole from someone. To this day, Rebecca Rogers remains one of Psykinetic's most allusive enemies as the sneaky Replica!

-Shape-shifting: can morph her body into any physical appearance regardless of race, gender, and on rare occasions species
-Able to absorb the memories, skills, and abilities of anyone she touches
-Vocal chords can shape-shift to match any vocal frequency
-Able to shift vital organs to avoid massive damage.

So for her design I didn't have much to be inspired by, since most shape-shifters don't look human. But she is able to shape-shift her clothes as well. Also, her hair was inspired by that of Gwen from Total Drama.

Made using Hero Factory
Rebecca Rogers aka Replica is (c) of me!
Psykinetic by mr-redx

He shall become the leader of my team and the first hero in my universe! he is the Psychedelic Knight, the ESP Extraordinaire, the Mind Bending Marvel, the Psychic Supreme of Earth, Psykinetic!

Quick Bio: Axel Tarot is the first hero in the world. Born into a large family, Axel's powers were activated during a home invasion that went wrong. With his family murdered, Axel accidentally destroyed his the intruders, and witnessed his family ghost when he dust settled. Feeling responsible for this, Axel was scared to death until the police arrived, who immediately placed Axel in a mental hospital upon hearing his frights of seeing his family before they moved on. For years Axel struggled with insanity he was being studied and tested on by numerous doctors. One day, he met an old patient in the ward who was just like him, and through his teaches was able to gain a hand on his powers. At the old man's advice, Axel left the hospital and traveled the world learning and controlling his powers, all the while gaining a strong sense of righteousness and justice. 20 years later, Axel returned to civilization in the City of Indigo Valley, a city plagued by crime, injustice, and more people like him, and created a new home and new life for himself. At first hated, after time his career as a hero skyrocket when people saw he was doing good. Now protector of the mighty metropolis of Indigo Valley, Axel uses his powers to solve crimes and defend the innocent as the Psychic Supreme, Psykinetic!

-Telepathy: mind reading, illusion casting, empathy, etc.
-Telekinesis: Levation of self and others/objects, flight
-Psychokinesis: able to channel ESP energy in forms of waves, beam blasts, aura sphere and morph energy in force fields and weapons
-Able to channel ESP and perform such things as Pyrokinesis, Photokinesis, Hydrokinesis, etc.
-Able to heal himself and others.
-Master of many other forms of psychic abilities, such as aura reading, apportation, dowsing, mediumship and others:…
-Trained in Hand to hand combat and investigation.

Design wise, I went with a purple and black color scheme to give the sense of a supernatural feeling. His armor is flexible and protective against bullets and small knives. His natural hair color changed to purple. Also, his symbol is a "P" inside a star, since a star is one of the symbols used in Zener cards used to conduct experiments in Extrasensory Perception.

Also, his because he battle with insanity, Psykinetic's rogues gallery consist of people like him who are insane and obsessive with things. Like gimmick villains but more dangerous.

Made using Hero Factory
Axel Tarot aka Psy is (c) of me!

*UPDATE: Now he's not so much super as ordinarily Athletic. He's about Flash's build. Also, got rid of the cape and he is now barefooted. Added a hoodie too.
So for the time being, I've put Psykinetic back on the team roster. I've just been having a good feeling with him lately, and decided I might have been putting him away too fast. So I gave him back all of his villains and put him back in his folder.

Spyder will still be around, perhaps as an ally to the team once I get it established.
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Alex Dawe
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I am an aspiring comic book writer and artist with a deep love for the genre and everything superhero! Almost everything I do revolves around my own universe I am building. I hope that one day my universe will become a company as big as DC or Marvel, both of which are my inspirations.

Ever since I was a boy, I have dreamed and daydreamed about the world of superheroes, even putting myself in my own universes when daydreaming. To me, Comic Books are the perfect combination of literature and art; telling a story and giving the reader a visual representation of that story. Comic Books, as I see them, can be used to spread messages, share opinions, entertain the youth, and give the next generations heroes to aspire too. And that is why I hope to be apart of that vision someday.

What separates me from other comic book creators is originality. I always aspire to do things that have yet to be done. I believe comics should always push the boundaries on originality and imagination while aspiring to the legacy and genre of heroes the world has already given us(Detective Heroes, Action Heroes, Space Adventures, Sorcerer Supremes, etc). Every character I have created is from my own ideas and imagination, and appeals to multiple audiences. My favorite heroes I have created so far are Empress and Toonman, but I love all of them equally.

I am always looking for comments, critiques, questions, and praises on my characters. I look to improve myself and create my own voice in my comics.

Current Residence: Guess
Favorite Writer: Geoff Johns
Favorite Artist: Bruce Timm and Stan Lee
Favourite genre of music: Any thing that i hear that i think is good
Favourite style of art: Comic Book
MP3 player of choice: I-pod
Favourite cartoon character: Red X, Alejandro, Geoff and Izzy from Total Drama, Batman and every villain in his Rouges Gallery, Karolina and Nico from The Runaways, and Zenescope Characters.
Personal Quote: Awesome!

Which Goblin is Better? 

13 deviants said Green Goblin
7 deviants said Hobgoblin



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